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District Transparency

District Transparency Efforts

The Orange County Cemetery District is committed to conducting business with transparency. In an effort to provide important information to the public, the District created this "Transparency" Section of the website. The District has been awarded the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence by the Special District Leadership Foundation, who recognizes special districts who are committed to transparency in their operations and governance to the public.  Please click below to read the award letter from the Special District Leadership Foundation.

Transparency Award Letter
An award for transparency certificate of excellence

Every two years, the District is required to submit a renewal request which includes the submittal of several important documents along with required website postings, which are all accessible to view by clicking the link below.  There are also additional documents below for your review.

Required Transparency Items


Should you have any questions about the District's Transparency efforts, please feel free to call the District office at (949) 951-9102.