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Flower Removal Schedule

The Orange County Cemetery District has a flower policy which allows for the placement of flowers and decorations on the interment spaces at all three of the District cemeteries. Each Wednesday there is a cemetery clean-up that will either be a light clean-up or a full park clean-up. 

On a light clean-up, only fresh cut flowers that are obviously wilted will be discarded.  On a full park clean-up everything on the gravesite is discarded.  Families are encouraged to remove their flowers or decorations on Tuesday night; you can then place the flowers back on the space on late Wednesday afternoon.

The District does allow for flowers and decorations to be left on the spaces for anniversaries of birthdays or dates of death and for new interments. Please come to the cemetery office and let us know that you have a special occasion and request that the flowers and decorations be left on the space. PLEASE LIMIT DECORATIONS TO NO MORE THAN TWO ITEMS PER GRAVESITE.

Signs in the park will indicate whether the upcoming week will be a full park clean-up where everything is discarded, or a light clean-up where only wilted items are removed.  To view the 2024 Cemetery Clean-Up Schedule, please click on the link below:

View the 2024 Orange County Cemetery District - Cemetery Clean-up Schedule.

 View the District's Rules and Regulations regarding flowers, decorations, and memorial markers.

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May contain: sign and symbol