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The District & Board

The Orange County Cemetery District is an independent special district of Orange County whose mission is to manage and maintain Orange County's public cemeteries in a manner that preserves their beauty, dignity, historical and cultural values, and offers affordable interment services for county residents.

The Orange County Cemetery District is governed by a Board of Trustees who have been appointed to serve four-year terms by the County of Orange Board of Supervisors. The major functions of the trustees are to set policy, define goals and objectives, adopt rules and regulations, and act as legal custodian for District property.  The Board has employed a General Manager to carry out policy, direct District operations, provide day-to-day supervision of staff and control and administer District expenditures.
The three cemeteries owned and operated by the District include Santa Ana Cemetery, Anaheim Cemetery, and El Toro Memorial Park in Lake Forest.  These cemeteries are among the county's oldest and most established, with each having recorded burials prior to 1900.

Although privately owned in the beginning, the cemeteries were formed into separate independent districts in 1925.  In 1985 the districts were consolidated under one governing board to create the Orange County Cemetery District.


The current Board of Trustees are:

Cynthia Ward - Chair
4th District - Service began 11/9/2010

Maribel Marroquin-Waldram - Vice Chair
1st District - Service began 12/5/2017

Kelly Rivers
2nd District - Service began 1/26/2016

Vladimir A. Anderson
3rd District - Service began 4/12/2022

Noel Hatch
5th District - Service began 11/14/2017