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Ordering a Marker (Gravestone)

May contain: tomb and gravestone

The Orange County Cemetery District manages the three public cemeteries in Orange County, including Anaheim Cemetery, Santa Ana Cemetery, and El Toro Memorial Park in Lake Forest. 

By law, public cemeteries are not allowed to sell markers, also called gravestones. If you would like to order a marker, you will need to contact the marker or memorial company of your choice.  To find a marker company, the District recommends that you search via the internet, or contact your mortuary or funeral home, or seek referrals from those you trust. 

Since lot owners/niche owners have authority over marking their gravesite or niche, it is recommended that the owner be the one to purchase the marker or niche plate.  Before any marker or niche plate is installed, the purchaser of the marker/niche plate must complete the Marker Purchase Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form.  

Here is a link for the Marker Purchase Acknowledgement Form

Please note that all gravestones and niche plates must conform to our size requirements.  In addition, markers will not be installed until the marker setting fee (installation fee) has been paid. If you are unsure if the setting fee has been paid, please call the cemetery office.   If you are having a photo tile adhered to your marker, the District also requires a photo waiver form to be completed prior to installation, as the District will not take responsibility for the condition or maintenance of photo tiles.

Here is a link to the Photo Waiver Form.Here is a link for the Marker Specifications Form