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View the Souvenir Program from Anaheim Cemetery's 2019 Historical Tour

On Friday, July 26th, 500 to 600 people strolled the grounds of Anaheim Cemetery to enjoy a nighttime historical tour. 

Upon entering the park visitors received free glow sticks, a mini flashlight, and a souvenir program filled with information on local history and biographies of the featured figures on the tour. As they made their way along a path lit by 500 luminaries, visitors stopped at nine different scenes where costumed actors portrayed scenes from the lives of those interred nearby. Included on the tour were: noted politician Thomas Henry Kuchel; Civil War veteran John Marquis; a Chinese immigrant from the once thriving Anaheim Chinatown; Frederick Hartmann – financier of the cemetery’s beautiful historic archway that once marked the entrance to the park; the Langenberger pioneers; Marshal Lehman – the first Anaheim law enforcement officer to be killed in the line of duty; the Backs brothers – Anaheim’s first undertakers; Enid Rimpau and the story of her tragic suicide; and local golf legend, Henry George “Dad” Miller. 

Special thanks to Darrell Rivers and Historic Insights, our wonderful actors and docents, and to all our hardworking staff for making the event possible! 

If you missed the tour, you can still view and download a PDF version of the souvenir program.