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The Board of Trustees and employees of the Orange County Cemetery District are committed to living these values every day as we serve the families of Orange County:

Integrity: We possess, and steadfastly adhere to, high moral principles and professional standards.

Respect: We have feelings or attitudes of admiration and deference toward others, and enjoy the same in return.

Accountability: We regularly accept responsibility for results and outcomes.

Responsiveness: We react quickly, strongly and favorable to questions, inquiries, suggestions and requests from those we serve, and from Trustees and co-workers.

Empathy: We identify with, and understand, the feelings and difficulties of others.

Transparency: We are accessible to the community and conduct all affairs of the District openly, honestly and clearly.

Appreciation for Diverse Needs: We are tolerant, accepting and understanding of the diversity of needs, viewpoints and traditions that are important to people.