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District Chair Receives Award

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On Saturday, March 22, 2014 at the California Association of Public Cemeteries (CAPC), District Chair Bill Nelson received the "Cemeterian of the Year" Award presented by CAPC Executive Director Carol Griese.  He received this prestigious award for outstanding service to CAPC.  This award is presented to an individual who has accepted responsibilities and performed services over and above the norm.  Bill served the District for over 18 years and was very instrumental in the District's  accomplishments such as being a District of Distinction and receiving the District Transparency Certificate of Excellence from the Special District Leadership Foundation.  He always encoraged the District to strive to be the best, which was also reflected in the District's Financial Awards from the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA).  The District has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award and the Annual Comprehensive Financial Reporting Award.

Picture of the Cemeterian of the Year Award Plaque

On January 14, 2022, Bill Nelson passed away at the age of 83.  Bill took great pride in representing his district and never hesitated to ask the tough questions to ensure that the interests of his constituents and peers were well represented. We will cherish and remember his good character, leadership, and dedication to public service. His legacy of wisdom and business sense will be sorely missed

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